Prime Parking: The Problem & Objective

Parking has always been major problem for college students whether they go to a University or a Junior college.  Many campuses have limited amount of space for students to park at during certain times and this causes them to be late for their classes.  Although there are some colleges where a parking garage can monitor how many parking spaces are available, others are not so lucky.  In particular, Sonoma State has no way to track how many parking spots are available throughout the day.  This combined with the small amount of parking spaces available causes students to not have an idea of how many spots are available, thus wasting their time looking around for parking.  Having a convenient way to not only give students an accessible way to monitor how many spaces are open at the parking lot but also to view these spots through their mobile device will allow finding parking that much easier.

Our project aims at solving the problem that many college students have of trying to figure out how many parking spots are available on campus.  At the end of two road tubes, pressure sensors will be attached on the end of each tube.  Cars going over the road tube will trigger these sensors to send data to a specific microcontroller.  In our case, these two sensors will be connected to a PIC32 Microcontroller, aimed at storing the information collected from the sensors.  The main goal of Prime Parking is for users to access information on specific lots easily before arriving on a given lot.  This is made through the PIC32’s main application; collecting the data from the sensors and pushing that information onto a web server.  With this idea in mind, students will have the power to track the number of parking spaces available by accessing their web browser on the following devices: smartphone, tablet, or computer.  Rather than displaying the number of spots at the entrance of the parking lot, students have the knowledge to plan accordingly when heading to campus and to know exactly which parking lot they need to go to.