The Design

The device will be composed of two road grade tubes that will have one pressure sensor each attached at the end of the tube.  These sensors will be triggered when a car goes over each tube, sending a certain amount of air pressure along the tube until it hits the sensor.  When activated, the sensor will send a signal to the PIC32 to signify when a car enters or leave the parking lot, either incrementing or decrementing by one respectively.  In order to determine the difference between entering and exiting, the car must make contact with either the front tube or the back tube first .   The microcontroller will be able to determine how many cars within the parking lot at that specific time.  Within this microcontroller, the information will be converted to TCP protocol in order to be pushed onto a web server that we create.  To send this converted information, a WiFi module will be used to communicate the PIC32 and the server together.  With this, people could look up in real time how many spots are available in a certain parking lot.

High Level Diagram


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