Prime Parking Tests

Pressure Switch Test:

20150806_154217 - Copy

Our air pressure switches come in as an open component.  When enough air pressure is applied to the switch, it will close the circuit that it is connected to.  This test involves first calibrating the switch to take in a certain minimum number of PSI to be turned on, and then we connect that to an LED.  With a voltage of 5V applied, when the air pressure activates the switch, the LED turns on.  In this test, we used around 15 PSI to get the switch to close.

Count Web Server Test:

20150806_171533 20150806_171521 20150806_171503

The count web server test was performed in order to understand how Prime Parking’s data could be sent from the chipkit onto the web.  The variable count represents the number of cars in a parking lot, which starts at 0.  Instead of using the pressure sensors, two push buttons located on the chipkit would trigger either an increase or decrease count by 1.  The updated variable would be sent and displayed on our webpage when refreshed.  This test would then be tested using the Air Pressure Switches.

Pressure Switch/Road Tube Test:

IMG_1496 IMG_1499

The goal for this test is to see if our count variable would first update in the serial monitor of the pc.  To make things simple, going over one tube would trigger the count variable to increment by one.  This would later be tested on our web server as well.  When the car goes over the tube, air pressure is sent towards the side of the tubes.  One end is sealed while the other end has the gem pressure switch attached on it.  The pressure switches were set to approximately 3-5 PSI.

The Finished Product:



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